Monday, September 15, 2014

Sweaters and Sore Muscles.

Skirt: [sold out]

I got this sweater in on Friday (also comes in black) and I just couldn't wait to wear it!
It is the softest material EVER, and super cute!
This is the one bad thing about being a Boutique Owner...
You literally want to keep EVERY thing that comes in!

Saturday, after spending the entire day on the couch watching a new show on netflix
I decided Kyle should take me to dinner, I was nice and paid.

We went to one of Kyles all time favorites, ShoGun.
It's one of those Japanese places where they cook in front of you!

The food was incredible, as always,
and even though we've been there a hundred times it's always just as entertaining.

On a different note...
I've worked out consistently for 4 days straight!!
I can barely walk y'all....
I found the lovely Sophie, from Way of Gray a while back,
 and actually used to do some of her work outs before the wedding!

Well, I have no idea why I stopped.
I bought another one of her Ebooks and have been doing it for 4 days
and holy crap.
My triceps, calves, quads, and chest are DYING, and I love it.

She is such an amazing girl, and super motivating!
I'm sure I'll end up buying ALL of her Ebooks just because I love the work outs so much,
and they are SUPER effective.
Oh and they are only $ really can't beat that.

Hope all of you have a good Monday!

xoxo, Monica

(This was not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing my personal opinion of Way of Gray's work outs!)
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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Puppy Play Date.

Yesterday my (soon to be, hopefully) sister in law asked if I could baby sit her puppy!
Her puppys name is Grayson, and Charley and Grayson are the best of friends.
So of course I said yes!

Not only do these pups love each other, 
but their energy is endless.
They literally NEVER stop, ever.
Needless to say, I'm exhausted.

They sure were cute though!
The day began with a few tricks and a few treats.

and a whole lot of running.

It's been SUPER hot and SUPER humid here in Houston, 
so after about 10 minutes of playing outside they would beg for some AC.

So I'd let them in, and they'd take about a 5 minute break..

Then they were ready to go again!

After watching them suffer in the heat for about an hour I decided to be the "cool aunt"
and whip out the kiddie pool.

Charley didn't even wait for me to fill it up to jump in,
she is obsessed with the water...
Grayson took a little convincing, but they both loved it!

They had soooo much fun together all day!
This was a good reminder of why I don't need another dog though...
I always think I want one, but holy cow they are a handful.

Thank God it's Friday,
Have a great weekend y'all! 

xoxo, Monica
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Red Lips and Camo for the win.

Camo Button Up: Forever 21 (old)

So, I titled this "Red Lips & Camo for the win", 
even though I immediately wiped the red lipstick off after these pics were taken.
I always see girls rocking red lipstick and looking adorable.
I'm super jealous of those girls that can wear it and still look pretty casual.
I, on the other hand...felt like a complete clown.
I honestly couldn't decide if I was going to re-take these pictures or not,
but of course I was too lazy and somewhat in a hurry so I opted out.

One of my best friends (Maggie) recently moved back to Houston so we decided to have 
a girls night/happy hour/catch up session at one of our favorite restaurants! 
Liz, Maggie and I met at Cyclone Anaya's in midtown and talked a whole lot,
and laughed until we cried. 
Girls nights are everything.
Date nights with Kyle, and double dates are pretty awesome too.
But girls nights always leave me feeling really happy, 
maybe it's just the margaritas...
But I sure am thankful for my girlfriends!

Happy Hump Day!!
I think I'll do some squats today in order to work off 
all the cheese I've devoured these past few days!

Speaking of squats I'm going to start posting more about my personal
"fitness and nutrition" routines so be on the look out!! 

xoxo, Monica
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Weekend Outdoors.

This past weekend a group of us headed to the Valley for some dove hunting!
We go every year, and I was so excited to bring Charley along this time!!
She had WAY too much fun being able to run around freely and get as dirty as she wanted.
It was kind of the cutest thing ever.

How perfect would this family photo have been if Charley was looking?!

It was SO hot all weekend but it was also a ton of fun!
I ate way too much mexican food and loved every minute of it.

Here's a picture of the whole gang!

Hope everyone else had as good of a weekend as I did!!

xoxo, Monica
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Leather, Chambray, and London.

Chambray Top: Jcpenny
Sandals: Forever21 (old)

Last night we went to Nanas (Kyles grandma) for a little going away party for his little sister! 
She's going to be studying abroad in London this semester 
and we are all SO SO excited for her! 

Before going to Nanas I always have to physically prepare myself...
You can always count on her to have THE best snacks available before dinner...
 you know,  like the kind you physically can't stop eating.
So when it's finally time to eat dinner you already feel like you're going to throw up,
 because you're just so full.
But you can't just not eat because the food she makes tastes incredible.
To sum it up I look about 8 months pregnant this morning...
The food baby that arrives after Nanas cooking always take at least a day or 2 to go down.
Needless to say, I won't be wearing anything too form fitting this weekend.

Can't believe she's leaving on Monday! I may be a TAD bit jealous.

Kyle and I decided to be a little patriotic as well...I mean since the flag was there and everything.

Happy Friday!!!
Have a relaxing & safe weekend.

xoxo, Monica
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Wedges: on sale!
Necklace & Bracelet: (old)

I'm super glad Kyle and I decided to go on a double date Friday...
Because the rest of the weekend we did a whole lot of nothin'.
We went on a double date with one of my best girlfriends, Liz, and her boyfriend, John!
We had a few margaritas, a LOT of queso & a LOT of laughs
and then headed to a little piano bar to hang out people watch.
We went pretty early, around 9pm so there were a lot of older people there.
It was so entertaining.

At dinner we got to watch UTSA (our college) beat UofH, which was also fun! 
It's so weird to think that I graduated 2 years ago...Go Roadrunners! Ha!

Selfies with tall boyfriends are NOT easy.

Double dates are kind of my favorite thing,
I think it's probably because our friends are so great.
I am super grateful that we have a good group of friends,
good friends are hard to find, y'all.

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra long weekend!
The weather over here was rainy and nasty so we spent a lot of time indoors.
It sure was nice to be lazy and relax though!

xoxo, Monica
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This weekend was full of junk food and netflix.
Kyle finally got back from Oklahoma Saturday morning and was absolutely exhausted.
I was tired too after a long week without him so we took full advantage of our big comfy couch.

But after a weekend full of being lazy we both needed a night out of the house!

Jeans: Hudson via Nordstrom

When Kyle goes out of town for a long time he knows he owes me a good date night.
We went to our favorite mexican restaurant by the house and I may have had 1 too many margaritas.

You know you picked the right one when you go to dinner with your husband,
and you laugh so hard your abs are sore the next morning.
We had a pretty fun date...
 sometimes life, friends, family, work, stress and
other things can make date nights a little less fun than normal.
But yesterday nothing could have brought us down.
We had some pretty great conversations, and cracked a lot of jokes.
I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
Unfortunately he denied me when I tried to take a typical car selfie with him,
ya win some ya lose some.
I love that kid wayyyyy too much. 

Oh and here's a little transformation Tuesday for ya...

She's soooo grown up!!!!!
My sweet little angel pup. 

Happy Tuesday!!

xoxo, Monica

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